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April 2017

A monthly newsletter for the Tri-City Young Marines, their parents, and our supporters.

Hello Young Marines and recruits! Freshly back from a good 3-day camping outing where we learned, among other things, that it can get cold at night in a tent! For those that did get cold, I refer you to the ďrequired equipment listĒ (REL) I handed out to everyone 2 weeks before we went. Those RELís are made for you, so you can be prepared for the conditions that I expect us to encounter. Not bringing a coat or a stocking cap or a rain poncho while camping in the Spring is not very smart. But then again, Iíll bet you wonít forget that stuff next time.

Speaking of the encampment, we could not have had that trip without the work of those that volunteered for us. The parents that helped transport YMís up and back really came through for us. Too, Mr. and Mrs. Wright planned out and provided the great food for us, and set up the kitchen and stayed with us for the camp to cook and help run the camp. Mrs. Yanez volunteered to stay with us for the whole camp and spend time helping with meals and putting together a tie-dying class for those that wanted to put some color in their lives. I hope all had fun, and realize that it takes a lot of people to make that happen.

We are coming up fast on our boot camp graduation date. All recruits should be spending extra time studying their guide books and any notes you have taken through your classes. We will be issuing the uniforms as soon as we get them in. Final testing is coming up, so get ready!

Congratulations to all who passed the recent PFT. There were some awful good scores out there. For those that did not take the PFT, (or fell short of the passing score) there will be a make-up PFT very soon. Every YM and recruit should look forward to retaking the PFT to see if they can score higher.

Our recent fund raising effort turned out pretty good. YM PFC Pepple was our top fund raising YM, selling 103 boxes of chocolate and YM LCpl. Fay was second, selling 93 boxes of chocolate. Outstanding job by both YMís and both will be rewarded! However, only about 70% of our YMís chose to participate in this fund raiser. That is UNSATISFACTORY! Each one of you YMís enjoy the activities that we are able to provide for you, and yet you choose not to help raise money to continue those activities. You saw the condition of our camping tents on this last encampment. It takes money to replace those types of things. For our next fund raising events, I will publish some new rules that will be followed. Those that choose not to help in the fundraisers, will not be included in future events.

Carry On,

J.L. Carlyle

Updated: April 2017