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December 2017

A monthly newsletter for the Tri-City Young Marines, their parents, and our supporters.

Hello Young Marines! What a busy couple of months we’ve had! The TCYM marched in the Veterans Day parade in West Richland and did an outstanding job! With our Platoon Sergeant YM SSgt Wright calling cadence and our outstanding Color Guard made up of YM’s SSgt. Sanchez, Sgt. Carrion, Sgt. Castorena, and LCpl. Drake, we took 1st place among the marching groups and earned a fantastic ribbon presented by the West Richland Chamber of Commerce! Outstanding job to all that participated.

After the parade, we went to the Royal Columbian Retirement Inn where we met with Veterans of all services and performed our flag folding ceremony for the residents. (the pizza helped warm us up too).

You will remember in last month’s newsletter I announced that YM SSgt. Wright was awarded the TCYM Young Marine of the Year. Well, we here at TCYM are not the only ones impressed with the SSgt. The 1st Washington Battalion Commander, Mr. Terek Varland, held an interview board, with the Unit Commanders of the Seattle YM’s, the Lewis and Clark YM’s, and Tri-City YM’s and our own YM SSgt. Mackenzie Wright was awarded the 1st Washington Battalion Young Marine of the Year award. This is a huge honor for our SSgt. and just validates what the TCYM staff has been saying about SSgt. Wright…that she is leading the way for all of us. She will now have the job of trying to plan some multi-unit functions throughout 2018. CONGRATULATIONS TO YM SSGT. WRIGHT!!!

Most recently (Saturday, Dec. 2) we volunteered to help kick off the first Kennewick City Holiday Parade. The Kennewick City staff was very thankful for all the help they got from TCYM in putting the parade together. At the same time, Mrs. Wright was manning a booth near the parade and selling some more of the meat sticks that we have for a fund raiser. Thanks to all who helped.

On top of all that, we just completed another fund raising event by selling the “Butter Braids”. The results are in and some Young Marines did a fantastic job in helping raise funds. Thank you for that! However, less than half of our YM’s met the goal that I set of selling 10 items. And some YM’s decided not to participate at all! That is unsatisfactory. These fund raisers go straight back to planning and participating in events that all YM’s are encouraged to participate in. When you do not meet the minimum requirements set, you hurt not only yourself, but all Tri-City Young Marines. Below are listed the YM’s that came through for us to help this unit: YM’s Davenport, Doty, Drake, Holguin, Johnson, Joyner, D., Joyner, W., Knisley, Logan, Knisley, Levi, Morrison, Sanchez, S., Saunders, Shuman, White, and Wright. I expect better performance from the rest of you in the future.

The final numbers for this fund raiser show that the top seller (again) is YM LCpl. Drake with 63 items sold. Second place goes to YM Pvt. Holguin with 46 items sold. Outstanding job…OORAH!

Carry On,

J.L. Carlyle

Updated: January 22, 2018