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June 2018

A monthly newsletter for the Tri-City Young Marines, their parents, and our supporters.

Hello Young Marines! I did not get a newsletter out in May because of an extraordinary amount of work put into the activities the Young Marines have been participating in. Hopefully we can get back to normal now.

First and foremost, as most of you are aware, we lost a long time and valuable member of our staff in April. Our Paymaster, Mr. Roger Bowman passed away of medical complications and left us with a big hole in our hearts. Mr. Bowman has been with TCYM for at least 18 years and took care of the financial part of running a non-profit organization. His family and friends came together for a memorial service for Roger, and I truly appreciate the Young Marines that were able to attend. Thank you for your caring. Mrs. Joyce Bowman, Roger Bowman’s wife, has now volunteered to carry on where Roger left off. Mrs. Bowman is now a registered staff and has volunteered (with some arm twisting) to be our Paymaster. Welcome aboard!

Congratulations to all of our new Young Marines. After 3 months of work and struggles, you have earned that title of Young Marine. Hold your head high and wear that uniform with pride. Let everyone know that you have started down a path of honor, dignity, and respect. A special congratulations go out to YM Private First Class Julia Haggard! YM Haggard earned the honor recruit award for the TCYM 2018 boot camp, and was meritoriously promoted to PFC. Not only that, PFC Haggard earned, and was awarded, a special recognition for achieving a perfect physical fitness test (PFT) score in boot camp. 500 points on the PFT is no easy task. I’ve only seen 3 of those in 20 years. OORAH!

Recently the TCYM participated in Memorial Day ceremonies at Sunset View cemetery in Richland, and at Bonaventure retirement home in Richland, and then out to the Royal Columbian retirement facility in Kennewick. I can tell you that the residents of the retirement homes were very appreciative of the TCYM coming out and spending time with them So much so, that they asked us to come back again and spend some time with them.

For a couple of months the Young Marines were busy selling tickets to a pancake breakfast for a fund raising event to support the TCYM. We held the breakfast at the Applebees restaurant in Pasco on May 19th. The fund raiser did okay, but could have been much better with more participation. Those YM’s that sold the minimum amount of tickets were awarded with the “outstanding salesman” ribbon, community service hours for the time spent selling the tickets, and will be joining some staff on a trip to Silverwood this summer. Our top seller this time around was YM Emily Williams. She sold $455.00 worth of tickets and in second place was YM Sgt. Castorena who brought in $340.00 worth of tickets. An outstanding achievement and both have earned prizes for their efforts!

As a reminder for you, we announced several months ago about an encampment coming up in August. The encampment will be at the Tucannon camp grounds. This encampment is not going to be like any you’ve ever experienced. I have invited several other YM units to camp with us and it appears as though several are going to do just that. The training and activities have been in the planning stages for months and by the time the date rolls around, all will be ready to go. Are you ready? We will be camping with over 100 other Young Marines from numerous different units. Clear your calendars for August 8th to the 12th!

Carry On,

J.L. Carlyle

Updated: April 06, 2019