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July 2008 Recruit Graduation

This is our second group of Recruits to graduate in 2008, and have now officially been recognized as Tri-City Young Marines! Congratulations! You should all be proud of yourselves, your commitment to our Unit, and your dedication on seeing this through to graduation. Welcome to our family!

More photos will follow, we just wanted to get the few we had out here in the meantime.

Co and XO

Commanding Officer Mr. Carlyle and Executive Officer Mr. Haeg, welcoming parents and family to this evenings ceremonies. He also introduced various Staff members who were in attendance.

The Tonda's

Mrs. Tonda, Unit Adjutant, and Mr. Tonda, Staff member and resident photographer among other things...they are all good things too!

Colman and D. Zepeda

Recruits Colman, acknowledged for best test score, and D. Zepeda, acknowledged for best PT score. Great job!

New Privates

Ready for promotion to Private are S. Zepeda, D. Zepeda, L. Days and A. Colman. Your hard work has paid off!

Honor Recruit

This Boot Camp's Honor Recruit, someone who has surpassed what the Staff and NCO's feel make a good Young Marine, is Pvt. Colman. Here on out, known as Private First Class (PFC) Colman. Congratulations!

Updated: January 18, 2020