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2007 Recruit Graduation and Young Marines Award Ceremony

All the hard work and dedication finally materialized into a Graduation Ceremony for several of our New Recruits. They are now "officially" Tri-city Young Marines and are welcomed to our Family. Graduation Ceremonies were held on Saturday, February 10, 2007, at Columbia Basin College in Pasco. This was also a promotion and award ceremony for our Young Marines. Carlyle/Haeg

Commanding Officer Mr. Carlyle, and Executive Officer, Mr. Haeg, welcomed all Young Marines and their families to the Ceremony.

Mr. Tonda

Staff Member, Mr. Tonda, gave a revised version of the Marine Corps prayer for our Benediction.

Hackler, Cline

New Recruits Hackler and Cline received special recognition for receiving the best scores on their written test during Boot Camp.


Recruit Usselman received special recognition for obtaining the hightest PFT score during Boot Camp.

New Recruits

Tri-City Young Marines new Recruits awaiting their promotions.


Congratulations Private Usselman!


Congratulations Pvt. Kutrowski!


Congratulations Pvt. Boatright!


Congratulations Pvt. Mo!


Congratulations Pvt. Disch!


Congratulations Pvt. O'Reilly!


Congratulations Pvt. Hackler!


Congratulations Pvt. Cline!


Congratulations Private Barnes!


Congratulations Pvt. Everano!

New Young Marines!

The Tri-City Young Marines Graduating class of 2007. OORAH YOUNG MARINES!

Honor Recruit Cline

Graduation class Honor Recuit was Pvt. Cline. All Boot Camp Young Marines were watched and accessed for their involvement, respectfulness and dedication to the program. One Young Marine from each graduating class is selected by the NCO's and Staff, and awarded this special designation of Honor Recruit.

PFC Cline

Honor Recruit Cline is receiving his special award, an automatic promotion to Private First Class (PFC). CO Mr. Carlyle and XO Mr. Haeg, pin on Cline's PFC chevrons. Way to go Cline!

LCpl Crawford

PFC Crawford promoted to Lance Corporal (LCpl).

LCpl Torres

LCpl. Torres proudly accepts his chevrons.

Lance Corporals

Newly promoted Lance Corporals Torres, Crawford and Apgar.


Young Marine Osborne receives his promotion to Corporal.


Newly promoted Corporals Stone, C. Hahn and Osborne. Congratulations and welcome to the rank and responsiblity of Non-Comissioned Officers (NCO's).


Sgt. Guerrero proudly accepting his chevrons from Mr. Carlyle and Mr. Haeg.


Newly promoted Sgts. Plumlee, Haeg and Guerrero. Your hard work and dedication to our Unit is paying off!

Carlyle with Sgts.

Mr. Carlyle explaining the hard work and dedication our NCO's bring to our Unit. He is proud of our Young Marines and our newly promoted Sergeants!


Ready, willing and able, Sgt. Bowman awaits his promotion to Staff Sergeant (SSgt.).

SSgt. Bowman

SSgt. Bowman proudly receives his chevrons. OORAH BOWMAN!

Good Conduct

Good Conduct ribbons were awarded to several Young Marines.

NCO's Achievement

Certificate of Achievement awards were given to all Tri-City Young Marine NCO's for their teaching, dedication and support for training our New Recruits during this Boot Camp. We've got an awesome group of NCO's, and with our recent promotions, we've added a few more NCO's to the ranks. OUR UNIT ROCKS!!

Updated: January 18, 2020