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October 2007 Promotion Ceremony, Ribbon Ceremony and Young Marine of the Year for 2008 Announcement

Monday, October 15, 2007, the Tri-City Young Marines held their Promotion and Ribbon ceremony. It was a very busy evening for Commanding Officer, Mr. Carlyle, and Executive Officer, Mr. Haeg. I'll bet you their hands were tired after helping to pin all the new chevrons onto our newly promoted Young Marines lapels! Way to go Young Marines!! It was awesome to see how many Young Marines achieved promotions due to their dedication to our Unit. We had a great turnout of family and friends to help celebrate the accomplishments of our Young fact, it was standing room only.


Mr. Carlyle, Mr. Haeg

Commanding Officer Mr. Carlyle and Executive Officer Mr. Haeg, welcome family and friends to the ceremony.


SSgt. Bowman leads everyone in the Flag Salute.


Our Tri-City Young Marines anxiously awaiting their promotions.


Looking good Young Marines!


Cline and Crawford receive ribbons for top sales during a fundraising activity.


Winter accepting his ribbon with pride.


Watson ready to add some color to his ribbon bar.


Usselman, proud to achieve his ribbon.


Torres achieves his ribbon.


Stone gladly adding another ribbon to his collection.


Plumlee knows you sometimes have to put a little extra effort in to achieve one of these ribbons.


Osborne accepting his ribbon.


Bowman receiving ribbons of Achievement and Good Conduct. Our Young Marines Rock!!!


O'Reilly glad to accept his new ribbon.


Haeg adding more ribbons to his collection. Keep up the good work!


Hackler accepts his new ribbon with pride.


Disch knows the importance of working towards these ribbons. The sense of accomplishment and pride is worth it!


Rounding out the ribbon section of our ceremony, Crawford can breathe a sign of relief...he's got his ribbon! Congratulations to all our Tri-City Young Marines for receiving your Ribbons...wear them with've earned them!


Newly promoted to Private First Class (PFC) status are (left to right) Winter, Boatright, Disch, Hackler, O'Reilly and Usselman. The photos following this subtitle show each PFC receiving their new chevrons. Congratulations!!

PFC Usselman

PFC O'Reilly

PFC Hackler

PFC Disch

PFC Boatright

PFC Winter


Earning their promotions from PFC to Lance Corporal are Cline and Watson. The following photos show them receiving their chevrons. Congratulations Cline and Watson!

LCpls Salute

LCpl Watson

LCpl Cline


Apgar and Crawford are being promoted from LCpl. to Corporals! Welcome to the NCO it's really time to roll up your sleeves. The following photos show them receiving congratulations and their chevrons. Way to Go!

Cpl Crawford

Cpl Apgar


Promoted from Cpl. to Sergeant (SGT) status are left to right, DeGraaf, Hahn and Osborn. You see..all that studying paid off! The following photos shown them receiving congratulations and thier chevrons. Great job Sergeants!

Sgt. Osborne


Sgt. DeGraaf


Working their way up the ranks, Guerrero and Haeg are promoted from Sergeant to Staff Sergeant status. The following photos show them receiving congratulations and chevrons. You guys rock!!

SSgt. Guerrero

SSgt. Haeg

Gny Sgt.

The "old man" on the block, SSgt. Bowman received his promotion to Gunny Sergeant. OORAH!!! The following photos show him proudly accepting his new chevrons.

Gny Sgt.

Gny Sgt.

Gny Sgt.


Had to sneak in a photo of our shutterbugs Mrs. and Mr. Tonda. We sure to appreciate all the fabulous photos and videos you have made, and continue to take for our Unit. It's a wonderful record of our activities...thanks so much!!

Young Marine of the Year 2008

A very surprised, elated, and humble Gny Sgt. Bowman steps up to hear he has been awarded the honor of "2008 Young Marine of the Year" for our Unit. This is quite an achievement and one every Young Marine should try to achieve. Bowman isn't new to this category, as he was the 2007 Young Marine of the Year last year. We are proud of his efforts and dedication to our Unit. OORAH GNY SGT. BOWMAN!!

YM of Year 2008

YM of Year 2008.

Congratulations from Mr. Carlyle to Bowman.

YM of Year 2008

Mr. Haeg congratulates Bowman on achieving Young Marine of the Year for 2008. So, what I want to know is...who's it going to be next year?

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