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November 2007 Marine Corps Ball

Saturday evening, November 10, 2007, selected members of our Tri-City Young Marines Color Guard, were honored to provide their services for Veterans at the annual Marine Corps Ball at the Clover Island Inn, Kennewick. As you can see by the following pictures, everyone looked wonderful! A great time was had by all in attendance.

THANK YOU MARINE CORPS VETS!!! We appreciate your service to our country!

Our Color Guard detail for the Marine Corps Ball consisted of GnySgt. Bowman, SSgt. Haeg, SSgt. Guerrero and Sgt. Osborn. You all did a wonderful job...and I hear you didn't mind being with Miss Tri-Cities either.

Color Guard

Tri-City Young Marines Color Guard beginning to post the colors and begin the Marine Corps Ball evening ceremonies.

Color Guard

Color Guard

Our Our Young Marines at attention and watching over the cake portion of the Marine Corps Ball.


Pretty nice that flag!


It's customary that the oldest Marine in attendance gives a piece of cake to the youngest Marine in attendance.

The Tonda's

Who is the handsome looking couple in attendance? None other than Staff Members Mr. and Mrs. Tonda. both look amazing! OORAH!


The cool part about Color Guard detail for the Marine Corps Ball...they love to feed our Young Marines. Word is, the food was great!

YM's and Guest?

Guess dinner wasn't the only benefit of Color Guard duty, these Young Marines were also fortunate enough to get there picture taken with the current Miss Tri-Cities.

YM's and Guest

Okay, one serious picture was we've got to smile. The guys at school aren't going to believe this.

Color Guard

Color Guard detail starts to retire the colors.

Color Guard

Color Guard

Mrs. Tonda

We had a few more nice pictures of Mrs. Tonda, we just had to put one more out look gorgeous!

Mr. Tonda

Thought it would be a good idea to let you Young Marines know that Mr. Tonda is capable of smiling...he really IS a nice man...just as long as you do what he says! You're looking very dapper Mr. Tonda, thanks for serving our Country!

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