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September 27, 2006, Promotions and Ribbon Ceremony


Sgt. Bowman opening the Ceremony by leading everyone in the Flag Salute.


XO Mr. Haeg and CO Mr. Carlyle welcoming family and friends to the Ceremony.

Lots of ribbons

During our previous promotions ceremony, certificates were awarded to these Young Marines, but the ribbons didn't arrive in time to distribute them. Time to play "catch up" and get these ribbons out.

Guerrero, Crawford

Guerrero and Crawford receiving their ribbons.


Congratulations are in order for J. Hahn.

Osborne, Spang

Osborne being congratulated, while Spang waits her turn.

Spang, Osborne

Pride shows in Spang's face while receiving her ribbon. Osborne looks on.

PT Ribbons

Ribbons of achievement for achieving a PT test score at or above 250, four consecutive times are Perales (shaking hands), Havenor and Stone.

PT over 250

Second picture of our "PT score 250" ribbon recipients. Havenor being congratulated, Perales and Stone also in photo.

PT over 400

Ribbons of achievement for achieving a PT score at or above 400, four consecutive times are Bowman (shaking hands), Plumlee, C. Hahn and DeGraaf.

PT over 400

Second photo, PT score over 400, Plumlee being congratulated. Bowman, C. Hahn and DeGraaf also pictured.

PT over 400

Third photo PT score over 400, this time DeGraaf is being congratulated. Bowman, Plumlee, and C. Hahn also pictured.

Battalion Encampment Ribbon

We had so-o-o-o many Young Marines that attended and qualified for their first Battalion Encampment Ribbon, that we need to show two group shots.

Bat. Encamp Ribbon 2

Second part of the Battalion Encampment Ribbon recipients. Way to go YOUNG MARINES!!!

Bat. Encamp Ribbon 3

XO Mr. Haeg with Apgar receiving his Battalion Encampment Ribbon.


CO Mr. Carlyle congratulating Haeg.

Jr. Leadership

Jr. Leadership Completion Certificates were awarded to Plumlee, Guerrero and Haeg. They all attended this training during the Summer.

Jr. Leadership 2

Closer up photo of Plumlee, Guerrero and Haeg. SPACES training during the Summer helps our Young Marines to become more involved and the Jr. Leadership provides necessary training for our NCO's to become better leaders in our Unit.


CO Mr. Carlyle awards Driver with the Top Fundraising Seller Ribbon. Driver sold the most car wash tickets during our Spring Fundraiser. Way to go! .


Bowman receiving his "Good Conduct Ribbon" from 2005.


Osborne receiving his CPR ribbon from Mr. Carlyle and Mr. Haeg.


Mr. Carlyle is very proud to award a Special Ribbon to DeGraaf. For the past 5-6 years, DeGraaf has grown her hair, cut it, and donated it to the Locks of Love organization. This group uses donated hair to make wigs for young cancer patients. Awesome DeGraaf!!

J. Hahn

With much pride, Young Marine J. Hahn receives his promotion to Lance Corporal! OORAH HAHN!!


With dedication and drive, Young Marine Pope receives his promotion to Private First Class. OORAH POPE!!.


Lance Corporal Spang proudly receives her chevrons. OORAH SPANG!!

Special Gifts

Mr. Carlyle surprised a few Tri-City Young Marines. He snuck a message into his monthly newsletter, the first 4 Young Marines to respond would receive a gift. Only 3 responded, Bowman, Haeg and DeGraaf. Remember - reading those newsletters can be very valuable!!

Parade Rifle

XO Mr. Haeg reminding family and friends about the awesome Parade Rifles. Several donations have already been received and a few Parade Rifles have been purchased. Thanks to all those who have donated thus far. For more information on Parade Rifles please refer to the Support TCYM sidebar.

Haeg's 13th

Mr. Carlyle called YM Haeg front and center..Haeg looked concerned. Mr. Carlyle announced, "Not only is it promotion night, but YM Haeg is 13 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Haeg for bringing a delicious Birthday Cake and ice cream, in addition to the promotions cake, for everyone to enjoy. It was a great evening.

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