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July 2006 Promotions Ceremony

Mr. Haeg

Tri-City Young Marines Commanding Officer, Mr. Haeg, welcoming family and friends to the Tri-City Young Marines Ribbon and Promotion Ceremony on July 2, 2006.

Staff Members

Staff Members in attendance are from left to right, Executive Officer-Mr. Carlyle, Mr. Chisholm, Adjutant-Mrs. DeGraaf and Supply Officer-Mr. DeGraaf.

Mr. Bowman

Staff Paymaster Mr. Bowman (forefront) along with several Young Marine family and friends showing their support for our Young Marines.

Mr. Tonda

Staff member Mr. Tonda photographing our ceremonies.

Mr. Haeg and Mr. Carlyle

Mr. Haeg and Mr. Carlyle starting the ribbon award section of our ceremony and then will proceed on to promotions.

Unit Encampment Ribbon

Several of our Young Marines achieved the Unit Encampment Ribbon. Those in this photograph are from left to right, M. Driver, C.Hahn, J. Hahn and S. Havenor.

Firefighting Ribbon

A large number of our Young Marines achieved their Firefighting Ribbon by attending a special course given over their Encampment Weekend. This is photo one of two, showing all the Young Marines who achieved this ribbon.

Firefighting Ribbon 2

Here's the second photograph of our Young Marines who achieved their Firefighting Ribbons. Way to go Young Marines!

Good Conduct Ribbon

Receiving the prestigeous Good Conduct Ribbons are left to right, Guerrero, A. Plumlee, J. Haeg and S. Chisholm. Mr. Haeg and Mr. Carlyle were very impressed the the achievements of these Young Marines. Young Marines Guerrero and Plumlee also received the Good Conduct Ribbon with Bronze Star Award, unfortunately the photograph didn't turn out.

PFC Spang

Young Marine J. Spang proudly promoted to Private First Class.

PFC Tores

PFC A. Tores accepts his new rank, it beats being a Private!

PFC Apgar

Joining the ranks of Private First Class is Young Marine C. Apgar.

PFC Watson

Promotion to PFC of Young Marine A. Watson. Way to go Young Marine!

PFC Crawford

PFC A. Crawford receives his new rank from Mr. Haeg.

Lance Corporals

Newly appointed Lance Corporals are left to right, M. Driver, C. Hahn, S. Havenor, J. Smith and A. Stone.

LC Havenor

LCPL S. Havenor enjoying his promotion, while C. Hahn calmly waits her turn.

CPL Chisholm

CPL S. Chisholm is now an NCO! Keep up the good work Young Marine!

CPL DeGraaf

Another new NCO joins the ranks of the Tri-City Young Marines as Z. DeGraaf accepts her Corporal status.

Cleanup Bowman

After all the ceremonies, refreshments and speeches are complete, Sgt. Bowman swabs the deck. Wait a minute!! That's the Navy, not the Marines!.

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