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June 30 to July 2, 2006, Encampment Weekend at Kiwanis Building in Columbia Park

Smith, Hahn

Tri-City Young Marines Smith and Hahn working on the orienteering course.

Smith, Hahn, Carlyle

J. Hahn's turn to shoot an azimuth, while J. Smith and Mr. Carlyle observe.

Carlyle teaching

Mr. Carlyle showing Tri-City Young Marines Torres, Pope, Hahn and Smith how to shoot an azimuth through a fence.


Young Marine S. Pope shoots an azimuth.

Getting Started

Mrs. DeGraaf, C. Hahn, S. Castorena, Z. DeGraaf, Mr. DeGraaf and M. Driver getting ready to start orienteering course.


Tri-City Young Marine Z. DeGraaf learning the technique of shooting an azimuth, with S. Castorena looking on.


S. Castorena shooting an azimuth while M. Driver and C. Hahn wait in the wings.

Crawford, Watson

Young Marine Watson shows the direction to the next compass course point, with A. Crawford standing by.


Mr. Carlyle and several Tri-City Young Marines in the midst of the compass course.

Shade Break

C. Hahn, Mr. Carlyle and M. Driver taking a shade break. It was a warm one, thank goodness for shade and water!

Water Included

As if brush, heat and trails weren't enough, our compass course includes a few water obstacles. Here our Young Marines are accessing their next move.


Young Marines M. Bowman, A. Crawford, A. Watson, S. Havenor and C. Apgar listening to Mr. Carlyle's directions.

Lets Go

Instructions concluded, these Young Marines are ready to hit the compass trail. Lets git er done boys!

It's a Big One!

FISH ON!!! Actually, Mr. Carlyle is securing Young Marines S. Pope and A. Tores as they continue their compass course into the water hazards.

Made it!

S. Pope and A. Tores completing the water compass section of their course. A nice way to cool off on a hot day.

Water Buoys

C. Hahn and S. Castorena making their way to the water buoy. Mr. DeGraaf and Mr. Carlyle made buoys and secured them in the river bed, giving our Young Marines a nice diversion from standard compass courses.

Hidden Message

C. Hahn and S. Castorena find the message on the buoy and relay it to their shore team. Two buoys with different messages were used in this part of the compass course.

Back to Shore

All messages found and relayed, so Hahn and Castorena head back to land.

Driver, DeGraaf

M. Driver and Z. DeGraaf in hot pursuit of those buoy messages.


Drenched in river water, Z. DeGraaf comes ashore after completing the water portion of the compass course.


Young Marine A. Watson agressively swimming to shore. Did he see any fresh water sharks? Cause this Young Marine looks like he has turbo-drive!

Mr. Haeg

Commanding Officer, Mr. Haeg, keeping a cool watch on things. Not a bad assignment on a hot day.


No, it's not a fresh water's just Executive Officer, Mr. Carlyle, making sure everything goes safely in the river.

Sharks Now?

Our Young Marines got quite a treat..they got to view some of our own local Columbia River Fresh Water Sharks! Seriously, this group of carp were seen nearby our water section of the compass real sharks here, but these were cool to look at.

Before Promotions

After our Encampment weekend, Mr. Carlyle is giving guidance to several Young Marines before the promotion ceremony and the conclusion of our Encampment Weekend. It was a great time for everyone. OORAH!!

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