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July 2006 Change of Command Ceremony

Thank You Cake for Mr. Haeg

Thank you Mr. Haeg for all your encouragement, support, guidance and leadership. We appreciate all you have done for our Unit.

Mr. Haeg speech

Mr. Haeg's emotional speech explaining why he must step down as our Commanding Officer and what our Unit means to him. We have been, and still are, members of his family.

NCO Gratitude

SSgt. Verduzco and Sgt. Bowman respectfully present Mr. Haeg with flowers of gratitude from our Young Marines.

Staff Thanks

Not to be outdone by our Young Marines, the Staff presented Mr. Haeg with a special gift of thanks.

Mr. Haeg's Mug

Mr. Haeg's special Mug. Mr. Carlyle noted that although this is a "beer mug", it will only be used for kool-aid.

Turnover of Command

In official ceremony, the turnover of command is symbolized by Mr. Haeg presenting our Young Marines Flag to our new Commanding Officer, Mr. Carlyle.

Mr. Haeg and Mr. Carlyle

Welcome to our new Executive Officer, Mr. Haeg and to our new Commanding Officer, Mr. Carlyle.

Mr. Haeg cake cutting

What better way to end this ceremony than with Mr. Haeg cutting this beautiful cake. Refreshments were enjoyed by all.

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