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May 2006 Car Wash

Car Wash Sign

Tri-City Young Marines Car Wash Sign.

Roll Call

Tri-City Young Marines roll call with CO Mr. Haeg.

Fall In YM's

Young Marines fall in!


Tri-City Young Marines taking the "chill" off with a few push-ups.

Car Wash Bus

Young Marines hustling to get Staff Mr. Bowman's rig washed.

Car Wash Bus

No matter big or small...we wash them all!

Car Wash

Everyone's up to their elbows in suds.

Assistant Sprayer

Staffer, Mr. DeGraaf, demonstrating rinse techniques.

Wal-Mart Door Sales

Staffer Mrs. Nix supervises ticket sales with Watson and Castorena.

Car Wash

It's funny how after washing a few cars, you don't notice any chill.

Car Wash Truck

Many hands DO make light work!

Head Sprayer

XO Mr. Carlyle sure knows how to Git R' Done!

More Cars?

The cars and trucks keep coming, but YM's are always ready with a smile.

Dry Crew

Sgt. Bowman readies his Dry Crew of Torres and Crawford.

Spang and Torres

Attention to details, YM's Spang and Torres in action.

Car Wash Truck

We're getting to the end of our day, but still do a nice job.

Car Wash YM Unit

Tri-City Young Marines and Staff in attendance for our Car Wash. Thanks to the dedication of all, another successful Car Wash!

Updated: January 18, 2020