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September 23, 2006, Support of "U.S. Troop Care Package"

Care Packages

Supporting a good cause.

Verduzco, Bowman

SSgt. Verduzco and Sgt. Bowman oversee our Young Marines "gettin' to it!"


XO Mr. Haeg didn't realize how much his flag-folding abilities would be put to use..on a miniture scale! Way to go Mr. Haeg!


The Macki Young Marines head down, dedicated to the cause.

Hahn, Smith

Hahn and Smith seem to be enjoying this project.


Pope, Driver and Guerrero hard at work.


Havenor, Plumlee and Osborne using their best techniques to get this job done.


Osborne, DeGraaf, Haeg and Driver.."so how many more are left to do?"

Tonda, Group

Staff member Mr. Tonda very pleased with the great turn out of hard working Tri-City Young Marines. Mr. DeGraaf was also in attendance, but due to technical difficulties (Mrs. Bowman's camera batteries going dead), he got away without a photo. Next time...I'll get you!

TCYM group

Our Unit sure does know how to work and have fun at the same time! OORAH!!


Driver, Pope and Haeg busily staying on task.


Hahn, Watson, Guerrero and Haeg.


What an awesome group of Young Marines we have! Everyone had a great time and got alot done!


XO Mr. Haeg in "U.S. Troop Care Package" tent with their volunteers.

Stuffed Pillows

Just a sampling of all the pillows that our Young Marines stuffed today. Just imagine all the Soldiers whose days will be brighened when they receive the pillows you had a hand in making. Be PROUD of your service today, you CAN and DO make a difference! For more information on "U.S. Troop Care Package", please look under Links in the sidebar.

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